• What Is Your Location and Hours of Operation?

    We don’t have a set location in Colorado. Our vans are stored throughout Denver and we work remotely. We also don’t have set hours. Ya, we know, it is a dream job! But we are always available for questions and if we miss you we will get back to you ASAP!

  • Can We Book over the Phone?

    No, all bookings are done through our website.

  • Do You Take Cash?

    Cash? Who takes cash anymore? Bookings are done through the website and require a major credit card.

  • How Does the Pick-up and Drop-off Process Work?

    As pretty as we are, you never have to see us face to face! You pick the desired location in and around Denver that you wish to pick up the van. We drop off the van in that location, leave the keys for you and lock it up. Our Vans are equipped with lock boxes. When you arrive at the vehicle, simply text us and we will give you the code to open it and get the keys. When you return it, just lock the vehicle and place the keys back in the lock box. We will take care of the rest!

    Our rentals can be picked up after 8 am the first day of rental and must be dropped off by 4 pm the day of return. We do our best to accommodate early and late pickups if we know in advance. We may charge a fee on a case by case basis.

  • Is There a Check-in / Check-out Process to Look for Damage?

    Yes, but once again it isn’t done in person. We take high definition video of the van when we drop it off. We do the same when we go to pick it up. If there is any damage, other than normal wear and tear, we will contact you about charging the card on file.

  • Can We Use Our Own Insurance?

    Not at this time. Insurance is provided by our partner, Outdoorsy, and is included in your daily rate. For more information please see our “terms”

  • What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

    You can cancel up to 30 days in advance and we will refund your full deposit. If you cancel inside of 30 days you will be charged a fee of $250. If you fail to show up or cancel inside of 24 hours you will be charged the full rate of the original booking.

  • Do We Get a Refund for Returning the Vehicle Early?

    We offer no refund for early returns.

  • Are There Any Location Restrictions?

    You can take out vans anywhere in the continental US and Canada! We do not allow them to be taken into Mexico.

  • Can We Take the Vehicle off of Paved Roads?

    Of course! We haven’t built the most rugged machines in Colorado for nothing! But there are some restrictions. The Vehicle may go off road, meaning unpaved roads, but the Vehicle must not be used for rock crawling or driving on trails with moderate to expert difficulty. These vans have a high center of gravity and are unable to make tight turns on some trails. Any shifting into “4 Wheels Low” is prohibited as it should not be needed anywhere the vehicle is allowed to go. Just because it is possible with our vehicles doesn’t mean it is practical from a liability standpoint. But if you can’t find adventure outside of our restrictions, you aren’t looking in the right places!

  • Do You Offer Roadside Assistance?

    Roadside assistance can be purchased through our partner, Outdoorsy, and can be added during the booking process. Please be sure to read those terms if purchased.

    In the event of an accident or mechanical issue please contact us immediately so that we are aware of the issue. It is our goal to get to moving again as soon as possible! If the van is out of commision overnight due to an issue on our part we will refund you for that night. We will provide you with a replacement van if one is available. In the event that one is not available, we will refund you the remaining days of the booking period and assist you in any way we can.

  • What Are the Mileage Limits?

    125 miles/day is included in your rental. Each additional mile is charged at a rate of 30 cents per mile. We offer an additional 75 miles per day (total of 200 miles) for $20 per day.

  • What Damages Am I Responsible For?

    Any damage to the vehicle during the rental period is your responsibility. We meticulously service and inspect our vehicles so that they can perform to the highest standards. Interior damage (tears, spills, cracks etc.) are your responsibility. We don’t nitpick small exterior scratches and marks, it is Colorado so wear and tear happens. Any exterior damage smaller than a credit card is nothing to worry about. Any windows that are cracked during the rental period are your responsibility.

    We replace our tires regularly. They are rugged off-road tires and are built for hard use. If a tire is damaged it is your responsibility.

    Please return the vehicle as clean as possible. Pick up trash and wipe down any soiled surfaces. We charge a cleaning fee if the van is brought back in rough shape.

  • Do You Allow Pets?

    Of course! We at Rugged Van Rentals love pets and rarely leave home without them! There is a $50 fee for pets and you are responsible for any damage your critter might cause.