Vehicle Activities

Our 4×4 vehicles are designed with the outdoors in mind. They aren’t simply built to get you from point A to point B, they are built to get you to the fun in between! Here are some of the activities we build our vehicles for:


Most people are familiar with the basic campground. You drive up to your parking spot, pitch your tent within sight of a hundred other people and a couple of bathhouses. If that is your thing, go for it. But we here at Rugged want you to experience so much more! Our vans and trucks can get you deep into the backcountry where you can find your own spot to camp under the stars, far away from another living soul. State and National Forest land gives you endless options for back country camping. But don’t try it in your Prius or Minivan! It takes something more rugged to find adventure!

If you choose one of our vans you have the option to sleep in one of our rooftop tents (hope you aren’t afraid of heights because you’ll be 8 feet off the ground), bring your own ground tent, or rent camping equipment from our partners over at Mountain Side Gear Rental. Our vans can fit up to 15 people and still have room for all your gear on our massive roof rack!

If you choose one of our trucks you will have everything you need right on the truck! A 3 person rooftop tent, stove for cooking, cooking gear, dinnerware for 4 people, cooler, and even water storage! All you need to do is take off into the backcountry!


When Winter hits, there is nothing better then heading to the mountains to ski or snowboard through the fresh powder! But make no mistake the trip isn’t always easy. Here in the Rocky Mountains weather can change in the blink of an eye. One moment the sky is sunny and the next moment you are caught in a bomb cyclone.

Every other rental company will give you the keys to a stock passenger van. They have a reputation for being incredibly unsafe when it comes to driving in rain and snow, and for good reason! They are big, heavy, and are rear wheel drive! We give you a better option. Our passenger vans give you all the traction you need with a 4×4 conversion and oversized all-terrain tires. You can also add 2 massive ski boxes to carry all your winter sports gear. But maybe you don’t need room for that many passengers. We’ve got you covered. Simply toss a ski box on one of our 4×4 trucks and head off in search of fresh Pow Pow!

Mountain Biking

There is no shortage of mountain biking trails in Colorado and the surrounding states! But there is a shortage of rental companies who can outfit their vehicles with bike racks. In fact, we are the only one around! We can mount bike racks on both our vans and trucks so that all you have to worry about is finding your favorite trail! Our vans can handle up to 10 bikes on the roof and our trucks can fit 3 up top and up to 4 on the hitch rack.


Melting snow means heavy water run-off. So obviously some of the best whitewater and calm water in the world is right here in Colorado! There is no other rental company out there who can set you up with a rental vehicle complete with a kayak rack. We can outfit both our vans and trucks with kayak racks capable of holding up to 4 boats.

Hunting and Fishing

The Rocky Mountain region is home to some of the top fishing streams in the nation with over 9000 miles of water, some of it Gold metal Waters! The region also offers some of the best hunting areas in the country! If you are coming from out of state or even nearby, we have the perfect vehicle for you! Our 4×4 vehicles will get you safely to the best remote locations possible along with all your fishing or hunting gear.

Beer, Wine, and Spirits Tours

Colorado led the way in the emergence of the craft beer market. With over 400 craft breweries and several larger breweries, there is no shortage of places to visit on a beer tour. We are also home to the Great American Beer Fest every Fall. Maybe you’re not a beer drinker and you prefer the stronger spirits? Colorado is perfect for you! The Colorado Spirits Trail gives you access to over 60 distilleries. And don’t forget the wine! Colorado has an award-winning wine style all its own. Our unique terroir grows unmistakable vines. The wine scene in Colorado is growing every year and is well worth the time! With all these options to choose from, your only concern is getting around to them. That’s where we come in! Our vans will comfortably get you to every location on the trail map. No need to worry about the weather or the roads. Just pick your designated driver and prepare for a good time! 


There is a reason “America the Beautiful” was written in Colorado. Because nothing matches our beautiful landscape. We have 4 National Parks and over 40 State parks covering thousands of square miles. We are the home to 55 14ers (peaks over 14000ft) offering unparalleled views and hikes. We also have the highest paved road in the country, Trail Ridge Road, which rises just above 12,000ft! If the Fall you don’t want to miss the Aspens as they transform the mountainsides into gorgeous hues of yellow and gold. Our vans are the perfect way transportation to these incredible sights!