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Vacationing in Colorado

Rugged Van Rentals prides itself on being the most unique rental company in Colorado. We specialize in exciting transportation for friend groups and families who need reliable, capable transportation for Colorado-based vacations. Whether you’re flying in from Miami for some winter skiing action, or you want to escape the flatlands of Nebraska and explore the Rockies for a weekend, you can book your Rugged Van and have it ready and waiting at Denver International Airport for your arrival.

A Truly Heightened Experience

Our rental vans are specifically designed to trek through the maze of dirt roads and various hidden paths that Colorado is famous for. No other 15 passenger, 4×4 rental-van has the guts to carry you, your friends, and all your gear to the best locations on the front range. Whether you’re looking for winter ski-trip transportation, or a multi-purpose camping/hiking home base for the weekend, Our vans will get you where you need to go! Book your experience with Rugged Van Rentals today!