Safety Advantages of a Breckenridge Van Rental with 4×4

Thousands of people are planning their Breckenridge winter sports adventures over the next few months, but you might be forgetting one important detail. Do you have a vehicle with 4×4 capabilities to use while you’re there?

Sure, you can rent an SUV or basic van from a bunch of companies in the area, but will it be up to the task of all the outdoor exploring you have planned? Rear-wheel drive might not do the trick for the Colorado weather conditions and mountain terrain. Plus, most of the vans available for rent won’t have racks for all of your gear or enough room for your luggage.

So…what’s a better alternative?

Vans with 4×4 Conversions

For true rugged adventuring, you definitely want to look for vans that have been given a true 4×4 (4-wheel-drive/4WD) conversion. Adding 4×4 capability ensures that a van can handle more adverse weather and driving conditions safely.

Four-wheel-drive is better for driving in the Rocky Mountain region than two-wheel-drive because it allows the engine to send the same amount of power to each wheel so that the axles and wheels are rotating at the same exact speed. A vehicle with four-wheel-drive capability can remain more stable on uneven terrain and in adverse weather conditions.

Especially for bigger, heavier vans carrying a lot of people and gear, 4×4 can make the difference between staying safe on the roads or finding yourself in a blizzard with only rear-wheel-drive to keep you from slipping all over the place.

Four-wheel-drive also works better while driving on unpaved roads with loose gravel or dirt surfaces, even if the roads are steep. It’s what real outdoor enthusiasts need to stay safe and in control when heading to the backcountry to ski, hike, bike, and camp.

Other Rugged Features

Along with 4×4 capability, you should also look for vans that are equipped with enough space for all your adventure gear. Storage racks on top of the van drastically increase the amount of gear and luggage you can have with you, and cargo boxes ensure that your stuff stays safe and dry no matter what weather comes your way.

If you’re planning to bike, ski, snowboard, or kayak, you will want an adequate roof rack so you can bring your sports equipment anywhere you want. Some people even attach a tent to the roof rack of their van so that they can have an elevated sleep platform, perhaps to catch a great sunrise view or to stay out of reach from wild animals.

Rugged Van Rentals: Breckenridge Van Rental

We know you’re visiting Breckenridge because you crave adventure, and that’s why we’ve built “the most rugged machines in Colorado!” Our vans have undergone full 4×4 conversions, so they are ready for traversing unpaved roads, windy highways, and snowy streets. Book a van that’s fully equipped for all your driving and cargo needs throughout your Breckenridge experience, or contact us with any questions you may have!