Denver International Airport Van Rental: Finding the Right Van

As you plan a trip to Colorado, what do you have in mind? Learning about the history and trying out different restaurants and fun things to do? Exploring through trees and mountains, hiking, biking, or skiing? Maybe you plan to spend your days driving through rough terrain, putting yourself deep into the beautiful nature surrounding the city. Whatever you plan to do, make sure that you choose the right Denver International Airport van rental company to fit all of your needs!

Choose the Right Vehicle and Supplies

When you book with Rugged Van Rentals, we have vans and trucks. We offer a variety of add-ons as well so that you receive the right equipment for the plans ahead. From the van itself, to cargo boxes, to shady awnings, we have it all ready for your van.

Cargo Box

If your trip consists of skiing and snowboarding, be sure to get one of our cargo boxes! They have 21 cubic feet of space to hold equipment or luggage. They can hold all of the necessary gear for up to 5 people as well as several snowboards and skis. If you have a large party with even more equipment, don’t stress! The van’s rack can hold up to 2 cargo boxes.

Bike Racks

For those of you who are avid mountain bikers, we have Yakima Highroad bike racks able to attack directly to the base rack. A total of 10 bikes can be attached, so grab all of your friends and load up.

Kayak Racks

We also offer Yakima BigStack racks, allowing you to carry 4 kayaks on the roof at a time. It even folds down allowing for better aerodynamics so as not to slow you down as you drive to your favorite river, lake, or reservoir.

Rooftop Tents

Camping fanatics, we have you covered too! The Yakima Skyrise rooftop tents can hold 3 people per tent, with a built-in ladder. The roof rack on the van can hold up to 2 tents at a time.


The Yakima SlimShady awning can be mounted on the side of our roof rack, allowing you to get some cool, shady relaxation after a long hike through the trails!

In terms of trucks, ours are equipped with overlanding abilities. Bring all of the necessary supplies you need, drive through the woodland, and enjoy a weekend full of the perfect combination of camping and off-roading. Our trucks have an extra lift to ensure ground clearance, and the bed is equipped with drawers including a cook stove, pots, pans, plates, bowls, cups, silverware, lanterns, chairs, a table, and a first aid kit.

Denver International Airport Van Rental

Next time you plan an adventurous trip to Colorado, be sure to book your vehicle with Rugged Van Rentals! Our vans and trucks are equipped with all of the necessary racks and supplies to fulfill the desires of any traveler! Contact us to get started on booking the perfect van rental vehicle.