3 Must-Do’s in Denver – Off the Beaten Path

When it comes to Denver, there is no way you’ll run out of things to do—whether you’re a tourist or a resident. Whether you enjoy snowboarding and skiing, mountain biking, or exploring museums or local restaurants, anyone will be able to find something exciting to try out. Are you looking for something a little less ordinary that maybe not everyone knows about? Check out this list for 3 must-do’s in Denver that are more unusual than most!

1. The Wizard’s Chest

This store is perfect for those who are looking for a costume or game—no matter what the event is. The building is shaped like a castle, complete with a drawbridge as the entrance. There are costumes, masks, wigs, and accessories that will satisfy any party, event, or game possible! Wizard’s Chest also has games including from card games, magic trick sets, and puzzles. They even offer game nights for people to enjoy playing their favorite card games in an environment of competition with fellow enthusiasts.

2. Buckhorn Exchange

Known for being Denver’s oldest steakhouse, this restaurant offers an experience like nothing else. The Buckhorn Exchange displays hundreds of taxidermy animals throughout the walls of the restaurant. Since the doors opened in 1893, the restaurant has been home to cattlemen, miners, railroad builders, silver barons, Indian chiefs, roustabouts, gamblers, and businessmen. The rustic design will take diners back in time.

Wondering about the menu? It’s not all for the faint of heart! The Buckhorn Exchange offers rattlesnake, alligator, buffalo, elk, quail, game hen, pheasant, venison, and Rocky Mountain Oysters. If the taxidermy and wild dinner options aren’t enough to entertain, the restaurant hosts a yearly “Buffalo Bill Look-alike” contest as well as cowboy performances on weekends!

3. National Ice Core Lab

Part of the Federal Center, the National Ice Core Lab is home to over 10 miles of ice cores collected from Greenland and Antarctica. The ice holds information about the Earth’s past and history of the climate. The ice cylinders are divided into smaller pieces and stored in aluminum-lined tubes and kept in a warehouse. Tours are available but be sure to book them several months in advance.

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