Rent a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle During Your Next Trip to Denver

Are you and your family or friends ready for a trip to Colorado? If you’re going for the skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain climbing, or just to see the beautiful sights, make sure to plan your trip with enough time to book everything you need. No matter what season you’re planning to visit Denver in, you should be prepared for any adventure and destination. How? Rent 4-wheel drive!

A Cold Weather Essential

4-wheel drive is often necessary for cold weather states that see a lot of snow, or states that have rugged terrain waiting to be explored. 4-wheel drive is when a vehicle is able to provide torque to all 4 wheels at the same time. Torque is just the twisting force that causes rotation. Some vehicles with 4-wheel drive have it enabled full time; others are on-demand, meaning that typically the vehicle operates in 2-wheel drive, but the driver can engage 4-wheel drive when necessary.

Traction and Performance Driven

Maintaining traction and performance while driving through snow or rough ground in Colorado is ideal! If you’re planning on driving through the snow, going off roading in the mountains, or trucking it through mud, renting 4-wheel drive is going to be the safest and easiest option to achieve all of your escapades.

Driving a vehicle with 4-wheel drive allows your car to maintain traction. This can be necessary in snowy conditions, mud, or just wet roads and ground. 4-wheel drive will help you and the vehicle to maintain control because the chances of the wheels losing grip is reduced. It’s also useful for driving around rough terrain whether it’s rocky or steep.

Along for the Long and Heavy Haul

4-wheel drive vehicles like vans or trucks are also optimal for hauling heavy loads or towing a trailer. Hefty loads can destabilize a vehicle which can lead to traction issues. When you rent 4-wheel drive, it will work to correct the weight differences. If your Denver trip includes hauling items for skiing, snowboarding, biking, tents, or a lot of luggage, rent 4-wheel drive to ensure that your vehicle will be able to carry everything with ease!

Rent 4 Wheel Drive in Denver

4-wheel drive is a great option for off-road adventures, which tends to be a crowd favorite for people traveling to Denver. Are you looking for a vehicle that can fit your entire group, haul everything you need, and maintain driving through any conditions? Rent 4-wheel drive with Rugged Van Rentals! We’ve got a fleet of vans and trucks that are capable of handling anything that you might toss their way. From snow and rain, to muddy trails, to Rocky Mountains, our vehicles are sure to withstand whatever you have planned for them. we even have roof racking systems so that you can store luggage, skiing and snowboarding equipment, or you can even attack one of our awnings if you need a little shade as you relax and enjoy the views. As you plan your next trip to Denver, contact us to make sure you get the right vehicle!