Bang for Your Buck: Weighing the Cost of Renting a 15 Passenger Van

The cost of renting a 15-passenger van isn’t as cut-and-dry as you may think. Most car rental companies offer the same type of vehicle with slight differences in their mileage allowance, fees, insurance coverage, and other minor factors to consider. For most, price matters, and we want to help you find the right passenger van that fits your needs, and one that doesn’t break the bank. We’ll touch on a few common factors to consider when renting a 15-seat passenger van and which companies offer the best options. We will specifically look at mileage, insurance, extra fees, and location.


Switchback offers 15-seat passenger vans that can be picked up from the airport or any Denver location. They offer several different vans at different price points depending on if you want removable seats or fixed seats. These basic model Ford vans offer adequate seating for 15 riders with little-to-no additional room for luggage. They offer 100 miles per rental night with a $.39 per mile charge for each additional mile. These vehicles are offered at a discount, however, they tend to have high mileage. They also only allow their vehicles to be driven in Colorado and New Mexico. Insurance is applied to each booking unless prior insurance that is adequate for the vehicle chosen is proven. 


Sixt offers nearly worldwide passenger van rentals. However, their limited selection can be a deterrent when there isn’t a passenger van to rent in Colorado. If you’re fortunate enough to find one in your area, they do have seats for up to 15 riders and luggage space for a few suitcases at most. They do not offer insurance for their vehicles which would require you to obtain it elsewhere before booking your rental. Price per mile is calculated on a per-quote basis so it will vary. Several different fees may be applicable at your time of rental. 

Rugged Van Rentals

This company is one we know better than most so we’re happy to share every detail of our amazing 15-seat passenger vans. We don’t mess around when we provide you with a decked-out Chevy Express that’s more rugged and tough than most off-road vehicles. We provide insurance for our vehicles through one of our partners which is included in your daily rate. We also allow you to pick up and drop off anywhere in the Denver area, including the airport. Plus, there is no distance your Rugged Van can’t explore. We generously give you 125 miles a day with a $.30 per mile additional charge up to 75 extra miles a day. Honestly, we could go on forever about how much we offer you, but take a look at our FAQ page for all those juicy details. 

Rugged Van Rentals is hands-down the best bang for your buck when you look at the cost of renting a 15-passenger van. We not only give you more in our flat rate, but also offer you hundreds of configuration of add-ons to make the most of your next adventure. We hold nothing back and we hope you can say the same after you’ve book Rugged Van Rentals for your next family trip, business outing, or weekend away with friends.