Dispersed Camping vs. Traditional Camping: What’s the Difference?

Camping is one of America’s longstanding traditional activities. There is nothing like taking a few days to unplug from the chaos of life and reconnect with Mother Nature. As most things evolve with technological and equipment advancements, camping has also changed and become a more involved ordeal. Motorhomes are more advanced, campers are bigger and better, and we have tents that can all but put themselves together with the push of a button. These are all wonderful and amazing advancements, but they can take away from the raw element of camping. How can we get back to the instinctual nature of nature? 

Dispersed Camping

While dispersed camping is decades old, it’s a newer trend that has popped back up in the camping world. Simply put, dispersed camping is camping outside or away from a designated campground. This means no camping services are offered such as trash collection, shower rooms, or firepits. The only caveat to this rule is bathrooms are sometimes accessible in popular dispersed camping locations. Dispersed camping increases the level of responsibility as you’ll fend for yourself, be more exposed to nature’s unpredictability, and attempt to leave no trace behind. It’s highly suggested that when you leave, you should make sure there is no evidence you’ve been there. Basically, just pick up your trash and take it with you. 

Traditional Camping 

As we mentioned, camping is much easier these days with the popularity of campgrounds. They make it super easy to show up, set up, and enjoy a comfortable camping experience without having to do too much work. Picnic areas are typically provided, firepit or grills are set up for you, and you have access to a decent shower and bathhouse. This alone makes traditional camping vastly different than dispersed camping. Another large difference between these two is the type of vehicle and camping equipment needed. Traditional camping can be done with RVs, campers, or tents while dispersed camping requires more planning and more equipment. 

Dispersed Camping Vehicle 

You’ll need a rough and tough vehicle to take you off the beaten path when you take on dispersed camping. Your minivan isn’t going to do the trick so you’ll likely need to rent something with a little more power and storage. Rugged Van Rentals makes this simple as we’ve taken our expertise in camping and adventure and decked out our truck and vans to accommodate a lot of people and gear without sacrificing off-roading abilities. We wanted to make sure there was nothing stopping you from experiencing all nature has to offer and ensuring you could bring the ones you love and the equipment you need.

Rugged Van Rentals offers tricked-out rentals to meet the needs of all types of adventure seekers. Our passenger vans seat up to 15 riders with plenty of room for whatever equipment you may want or need for any type of outdoor activity. We also added an overlanding truck to our crew to take you and friends to the furthest corners of civilization to experience raw nature. Rugged Van Rentals come with tons of capability in their stock form but we also offer a bunch of add-on options to make sure you make the most of your rental experience. Book your Rugged Van rental today and plan your next adventure.