Rent an Overland Truck Camper for Your Next Rocky Mountain Adventure

New phrases and terms are created constantly which makes it nearly impossible to keep up. Overlanding is a more recent phenomenon that has swept the adventure junkies of America, but it didn’t originate here. It’s an Australian term that defines the movement of livestock over long distances as they seek a new country. As modernization occurred, overlanding has developed into the use of a larger, more sophisticated vehicle over long and intense terrain. Most recently, it’s a recreational activity done with a group of like-minded friends. 

What Is Overlanding?

Modern overlanding is, in short, a combination of camping and off-roading with a uniquely configured vehicle. It was once done as a necessity to discover new land but today it is much more recreational. Some simply call it “car camping” or “going off the grid” but the differentiation from other camping-type adventures in the transportation in use. Overlanders pretty much exclusively use trucks, SUV’s Jeeps, ATVs, and other full-sized vans. No matter the type of vehicle, it must be equipped to travel nearly every kind and combination of terrain and weather while still safely transporting shelter, equipment, and other essential supplies. 

Where to Go?

Colorado is flush with amazing places to explore via overlanding. We couldn’t possibly narrow down where to begin your overlanding adventure, but we can’t strongly advise you to check out the numerous overlanding forums for tales of the previous explorations of other overlanders. There is no way to mess up overlanding once you have the proper vehicle. You’ll be stretched beyond your normal capacity, dealing with Mother Nature’s unpredictability, and fending for yourself during mealtimes. 

Where to Get an Overland Truck?

Overland truck camper rentals aren’t as easy to find as a standard SUV. You’ll need a vehicle decked out in off-roading equipment, a safe and easy to access shelter, and storage for all the tools and materials you’ll need for your trek. All these and so much more can be found in your overland truck camper from Rugged Van Rentals. We have four vehicles that are more than capable to take you when nearly anywhere in the continental United States. Three of our vans are Chevrolet Express 15 passenger vans that we’ve toughened up with 4×4 conversions, full-roof modular racks that can hold hundreds of configurations of our bike racks, kayak racks, luggage boxes, and so much more. Our new camper truck is the epitome of the perfect overland truck camper. We took the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado and beefed it up with overlanding necessities like camp chairs and a table, Otterbox cooler, and tons more. (We won’t spoil the surprise for you.)

There’s one place to get your overland truck camper and be confident you’ll be prepared to take adventure head-on. Rugged Van Rentals provides the roughest and toughest overland camper truck and van rentals in the area. Our motto is “bigger and better,” and we aim to outdo ourselves as we constantly look for ways to make our customer’s lives more exciting when they choose Rugged Van Rentals for their overland truck camper rental. When you’re ready to up your overlanding game, contact us to book your Rugged Van rental and be sure to check out all of our add-on options to make the most of your adventure.