Colorado’s New Traction Law: How Does This Effect You?

Drivers between Dotsero and Morrison on I-70 are about to experience a change – a new traction law. House Bill 1207 now mandates drivers use traction-control equipment like chains or snow-rated tires during the months of September through May when icy or snowy conditions are present.

The ultimate goal of this new traction law is to decrease winter-related accidents and backups. This bill also increases the minimum allowed tread depth for tires from an eighth of an inch to three-sixteenths of an inch. The state may also activate this traction law during storms for other routes. 

The Importance of Safe Driving

No one can force you to drive carefully; it’s a decision you must make every time you get behind the wheel. Safe driving is more than following the posted speed limits. It includes keeping your vehicle well maintained, employing proper safety measures, and staying up-to-date with local driving legislation. If you’re wondering how this new traction law will impact your camping trips next season, consider booking your trip with Rugged Van Rentals instead!

Why Choose Rugged Van Rentals?

With our fleet of vans and trucks, you won’t have to worry about having the proper traction for your Denver trips. Our passenger vans are equipped with 33” off-road tires with 18” aluminum wheels, allowing you to go anywhere you want, even if the blacktop ends. If you’re curious about booking a trip with Rugged Van Rentals, here’s everything you need to know.

How Does Pick Up and Drop Off Work?

Simply enough, pick up and drop off can be anywhere you want in the Denver area. We’ve equipped our vans with lock boxes so you can conveniently pick up the van without ever having to lay eyes on us. Just shoot us a text when you’re at the van – we’ll send you the code to unlock it and you can get on the road.

The same deal applies when you’re ready to drop off. Let us know where you’ll be leaving it, lock the keys back in the box, and we’ll come and get it. We do ask that you choose a pickup time after 8 am the first day of your rental period and drop off by 4 pm on the day of return but we can make accommodations if need be. We make it so easy for you that you can even pick up and drop off at Denver International if you’re flying in. 

Where Can I Go?

Another simple answer. You can take your Rugged Van anywhere in the continental US and Canada. We’ve built our vans to have just as much bite as bark, so you should take advantage of all our hard work. Our only restriction is that you not rock crawl or drive on trails with moderate to expert difficulty. We want to keep you safe, which is why we ask you not attempt something that we aren’t entirely positive is a good idea. Your safety is our top priority!  

Rugged Van Rentals are more than just a ride; they’re an experience. We deck our vans out with the best adventure equipment on the market to give you an unforgettable trip. Book your Rugged Van today and stay safe in any Colorado weather conditions.