A 4×4 Passenger Van to Make Your Jeep Rental Look Silly

I think we all picture something similar when we hear “off-roading rentals.” It’s probably a jeep rental with big tires and it’s covered in mud. It’s not an inclusive rental and it usually only seats a few people. That doesn’t sound inviting. What about an off-roading rental van that seats up to 15 passengers, plus any gear you could possibly need, and can still do almost all the same things a jeep rental can do? Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Meet the Family

The founding members, Akela the Wolf, Bjorn the Bear, and Logan the Wolverine are all V8 Chevy Express passenger vans who have been decked out with the best of the best. We’ve hooked them up with 33” off-road tires with 18” aluminum wheels, sidestep bars, modular roof racks, rear backup camera, and dash cam, and so much more. They’re equipped with the best 4-wheel drive conversion kits on the market to ensure you can go nearly anywhere you want, regardless of where the blacktop ends. 

The Rugged Van Rental family is growing to include the newest, toughest rental, Sasquatch. The Chevy Colorado Z71 was the perfect choice to bulk up in true Rugged Van fashion. He’s got a Yakima Overhaul HD bed rack with a Yakima Skyrise Tent, which can be exchanged for a ski box, bike racks, or kayak racks if needed, plus an awning for the side to provide you with some shade. Inside the bed Decked system of drawers, we’ve provided a dual burner cook stove, cooking and eating utensils, a table and chairs, plus there’s still room for your own stuff. We could keep going on, but we’ll let you be surprised with a few things when you book Sasquatch for your next adventure. 

Add-On Options

Our standard rentals come with much more than your typical jeep rental. During your booking process, you’ll be able to add a few options to your rental to make it perfect for whatever destination you have planned. We’ve partnered with some amazing companies to offer you the top-of-the-line adventure equipment – no skimping here! Our Yakima partner provides the 3-sleeper rooftop tents, Kayakstacker racks, cargo boxes, and bike racks because they are the best of the best in the business. 

Some of our more unique add-on benefits include pet invitation, Denver International Airport pickup and drop off, child safety seat rentals, and grocery store runs. You heard that right – you send your list to our specific grocery store and we’ll pick it up and have it ready in coolers for you when you pick up your Rugged Van Rental. This alone is a huge burden lifted when you’re flying in or don’t have time to make the grocery run yourself. 

Better Than a Jeep Rental

Rugged Van Rentals are off the charts when it comes to providing a safe, exciting, and fully capable adventure van. We’ve paired our passion for the great outdoors with providing the best-equipped rental vans to ensure our customers have all they need for their trip. Book your Rugged Van today and start exploring!