Road Trip Tips in Your Full-Sized Rental Van

When your family is headed for a vacation, you already have a lot of planning on your hands. Making sure your family vehicle is up for the trek is something we can relieve you from with our Rugged full-sized rental vans. Renting a reliable vehicle frees you from worrying about putting excessive wear on your own vehicle, saves you from cleaning post-road-trip crumbs, and gives you a reason to drive a nicer or newer vehicle. There isn’t a better way to travel than in one of the full-sized rental vans from Rugged Van Rentals. Here are some of our best tips and tricks to make the most of your adventure. 

Pre-Pack Snacks

Everyone knows road trip snacks are just as important as the trip itself. Be sure to pack a few healthy options to help you make good choices rather than binging on all sorts of snacks and fast food. Packing pre-made lunches is an easy way to be economical, healthy, and prevent frequent food stops. 

Plan Your Stops  

Preparation is key for a smooth trip, and planning when you’re going to stop is another way to avoid taking stops too often. There’s no way to synchronize the need to use the restroom, but you may be able to limit bathroom breaks by informing your family they will all need to use the restroom when a stop is made. If you choose not to pack meals, plan where and when you stop for meals to help avoid everyone requesting a different restaurant. 

See the Sights Along the Way

No matter where you travel, there is more to see than just your final destination. Before you embark on your trip, take a look at your planned route and note any fun stops or destinations you’d like to visit along the way. This is a great way to stretch your legs when you’re traveling a far distance while also taking advantage of all the beautiful and unique places along the way. 

Entertainment for Everyone

Packing entertainment options for everyone, particularly the kids, is very important. There are few things worse than grumpy kids or adults stuck in the car with little to do for long periods of time. Sure, a game of “I Spy” is fun for a few rounds, and the license plate game is a classic, but you’ll want to pack a book, magazine, brain teaser toy, and earbuds. Most smartphones have the capacity to play full-length movies but be sure each person has their own set of headphones so they can quietly enjoy their feature film. 

Book Your Full-Sized Van Rental

Rugged Van Rentals knows the effort it takes to have a safe, enjoyable, fun-for-everyone adventure. We want to help alleviate as much stress as we possibly can by offering you a better way to travel in our full-sized rental vans. As adventure experts, we have tons of recommendations on where to take your rental so give us a holler and we’ll hook you up with the best places for your crew. If you’re ready to embark on your next adventure, book your rental today!