What Makes Rugged Vans the Ultimate Camper Van Rental?

Gear up, gas up, and get ready to roll out in your ultimate camper van rental. We’re always looking for ways to provide our customers the best experience at Rugged Van so of course, we’ve stepped it up this summer. Camper van rentals are the newest and best way to travel, explore, and experience just a glimpse of what nature has to offer. 

What Is a Camper Van?

Some of our camper vans are the same passenger vans we always rave about, Akela the Wolf, Bjorn the Bear, and Logan the Wolverine. However, we’ve come up with the assumption you want to save money on hotels or cabins and could totally spend a few nights in our awesome vans. Our vans have the capability to remove seats so we can transform our passenger vans into camper vans with a few homey accessories. It’s far from the Four Seasons but when you’re looking to adventure freely and sleep at the top of a mountain, this is the way to go. 

Roof Top Tent

A mattress can easily fit in the back of our vans, but you won’t sleep more than two or three people. But if you’re traveling with a larger group, we’ve got another solution for you. Our add-on options include the Yakima Skyrise rooftop tents which can fit up to three people. And because our passenger van roofs are so spacious, you can fit two rooftop tents which means with one van you can sleep up to 9 people. 


May we proudly introduce the newest member of the Rugged Van family, Sasquash, our official camper truck. We’ve tricked him out with 3” lift, a Yakima Overhaul HD bed rack with the Skyrise tent, side awning, a Decked system set of drawers in the bed carrying the kitchenette basics, an extra-large Otterbox cooler, Rotopax water packs, recovery boards, and so much more. This new ride allows you to travel all over the continental US in comfort, safety, and style as you adventure as you’ve never adventured before. Feel free to invite man’s best friend or hook up your trailer to bring your dirt bikes, four wheelers, or other toys to make the most of your next trip. 

We’ll never settle when it comes to providing our customers the best out there, and you shouldn’t settle for a boring rental van. Rugged Van Rentals are the epitome of tough and rough riders to get your anywhere the adventure takes you like the top of a mountain, the bottom of a valley, or anywhere in between. Book your Rugged Van camper today and be sure to check out all our unique add-on features like cargo boxes, kayak racks, bike racks, and more. We can’t wait to hook you up.