Is It Better to Rent a Van or an RV for My Next Trip?

Your next trip is planned, the campsite is booked, and your packing list is created. But if your vehicle isn’t big enough for your family and gear, or if you need something with more reliability, renting is the way to go. You have a few options when it comes to renting a vehicle: do you rent a van for your trip or do you rent an RV? With benefits to either option, let’s explore which one is best for you.

Perks of a Van 

Renting a passenger van for your trip may be your best choice if you’re looking for a way to travel with up to 15 riders and a bunch of gear. Passenger vans are one of the only ways to travel in a large group without renting a vehicle that also requires renting a licensed driver. Another advantage of renting a van is the freedom from someone else’s scheduling. With Rugged Van Rentals, you have complete freedom to rent however many hours or days you need. And there is no need to come to pick up at a specific location, we can drop the rental off anywhere for you to pick up. 

Our vans also come with several add on options for those headed to an adventure where equipment is needed. We offer rooftop tent rentals, kayakstacker rentals, cargo boxes, and more! We want to alleviate any stress you may have about limited packing space or having to rent kayaks when you arrive at your destination even though you own them. And be sure to bring man’s best friend along for the ride too.

Perks of an RV 

The biggest perk of renting an RV for your next trip is the inclusion of a place to sleep and a way to drive all in one. You have the freedom to drive cross country without having to stop and pay for a hotel each night. If you’re traveling with only one or two people, an RV can be the most economical way to travel and sleep. In an RV, you never have to worry about poor weather and having to be cooped up in a small tent during a storm. 

Keep in mind, if you’re camping at a campsite, you will still pay for a site fee and possibly more for electrical and water usage. It also may be difficult to maneuver non-paved road with a large RV, but Colorado is flush with amazing campgrounds that take this into account, so you’ll still be able to enjoy nearly all the same views.  

No matter what type of adventure you’re headed to, Rugged Van Rentals can get you there comfortably and in style. If the adventure involves a bunch of your friends, renting a passenger van is the way to go, but if you’re looking to travel long distances without having to stay in a motel and only with a person or two, an RV might be a better option. Book your Rugged Van partner, Akela the Wolf, Bjorn the Bear, or Logan the Wolverine for your next adventure, and be sure to check out all our add-on options to make the most of your adventure.