Rental Vans with Roof Racks

You’re packing and planning for a vacation, thinking of a new adventure that will excite and leave you with a desire for more. But as you’re thinking about all you’ll need to pack and bring with you, you’ve run into a rather large problem: you don’t have enough space. Sure, you can ask to borrow some packing cubes to help compress the clothing, but there’s no packing cube for your gear. Bungie cording it to the roof isn’t super secure and there’s too much still. All the solutions you think up aren’t going to cut it, but we have the best solution for you. Rugged Van Rentals offers rental vans with roof racks, so you’ve cut the worry and stress of packing in half. We have plenty of room for all you could possibly need for any adventure plus room for your family and friends too.

Life Without Roof Racks

Let’s go back to a time before buying or renting a vehicle with a roof rack was standard. This time was full of cramming your vehicle to the brim with passengers and packing in every nook and cranny you could find. This was a time of being uncomfortable for long car rides and not being sure your bungee cords would hold all you strapped to the roof. We remember this time pretty well and are so glad roof racks and cargo boxes are so accessible. Now that we have access to some of the highest quality roof racks, we can enjoy those long car rides and stretch out in comfort. 

Our Roof Racks

We proudly partner with Yakima Racks, the world’s leading brand of car racks. Our passion for adventure pairs perfectly with their passion for creating high-quality adventure-ready racks. With their help, we offer several options to add to your roof rack including the Kayakstacker racks, Skybox Cargo Boxes, bike racks, and Skyrise rooftop tents. No matter what adventure you’re headed to, you can be sure your gear will be safe and secured when you arrive. 

Why Choose A Roof Rack?

Our rental vans have a 15-seat capacity which means you have plenty of space for up to 15 rides and about one bag per passenger. But what if you have more than one bag, or you’re off to an adventure that requires more gear? Camping, skiing, hiking, or kayaking all require some rather large gear and unless you plan to rent when you get there, you’ll need to plan to pack it. When you’re trusting your Rugged Van to take you to the top of the mountain or down to the valley, you can trust your roof rack to transport all you need. 

When you’re looking for rental vans with roof racks, you’ll be looking for Rugged Van Rentals. Our vans come fully loaded with all you could need and so many add-on options for all you could want. You have several options to choose from, Akela the Wolf, Bjorn the Bear, and Logan the Wolverine, all gassed up and ready to take you on your next adventure. Book your Rugged Van today and choose your roof rack essentials.