3 Local Places to Take Your Mountain Van Rental

The frigid winter months are behind us and we’re all itching to enjoy a bit of warmer weather with our family and friends. And after being cooped up all winter, it’s about time we exposed ourselves to something sure to thrill. We’re a bit spoiled in the great state of Colorado by gorgeous mountain views and swoon-worthy sunsets, but we often take that for granted and we don’t get nearly close enough to the summits around us. We want to challenge you to remedy this by taking your mountain van rental to one of these local off-roading destinations. 

Saint Mary’s 

Just a quick hour west of Denver is the pride of Central City, Saint Mary’s trail. Here you can take a trip around a glacier, a unique and exciting adventure for any Colorado native. This local destination is perfect for those looking to get away for a couple of hours without having to stay overnight. But for those looking to stay out of city life for a few days, this same location meets your needs too. 

Wagon Wheel Trail System

If you’re ready to roll around in the heart of the Rockies, this is the place for you. With many main interconnecting trails, you’ll be sure to eat your heart out with plenty of adventure and breathtaking views. The system has about 250 miles of trails that range in difficulty to ensure fun for all types of riders. They host two events each year, one in May and one in July, but have open trail hours throughout the year. These two events offer live music, the OHV (off-highway vehicle) Rodeo, prizes, food, and tons of open riding. 

Colorado State Forest

Thousands of acres await you at the Colorado State Forest and if you’re lucky you may encounter a few moose along the way. Here you can experience forests, peaks, and lakes as you take your mountain van rental as far as your heart desires. This location is great for all types of family gatherings, team bonding events, or a rugged guys weekend. With plenty of campsites, you can take your time as you explore all the Colorado State Forest has to offer in your Rugged Van. 

Your next family vacation doesn’t have to be safe, it just has to be fun. And anywhere you take your mountain van rental will pretty much ensure fun. Our 15-seat capacity rental vans can be packed to the brim with your loved ones and all the gear you could need for any adventure you embark on. If you need additional storage space, let us know and opt to remove a few seats! Whether you meander with the moose or gaze upon the glaciers your Rugged Van rental will be there to make sure you get there safely and in style. We also offer tons of add-ons like Kayakstackers, cargo boxes, roof-top tents and more! Book your mountain van rental today with Rugged Van Rentals and explore all Colorado has to offer.