Van Rentals Located in Denver

Wherever you’re headed in, around, or out of Denver, your Rugged Van rental is the way to get there. Our passenger vans are readily available to meet you at the airport, downtown, or somewhere else local. Van rentals located in Denver don’t have to be bland and boring. When you choose to look outside the norm, you have the chance to experience adventure on your way to your adventure destination. 

What You Get with Them

Finding a company who rents larger passengers vans is difficult. Many locations and airport agencies don’t even have them available but if you’re lucky enough to find one near you here’s what you can expect. There are typically two types of passenger vans, a 15-seater with room for two bags or a 12-seater with room for seven bags (seats can be removed for additional storage). They’ll come with all the standard features of an AM/FM/CD player and front and rear A/C but that’s where the standard features typically end. Any other limited add-ons will always cost you a pretty penny. Your mileage is likely to be limited depending on the company you book with and you’ll be restricted to the blacktop.

What You Get with Us

Buckle up because you will get a lot more when you book your Rugged Van rental. We offer all the same basic features as the other rental companies but because we chose to specialize in van rentals, we amped it up a few notches. Child safety seats, kayak racks, roof-top tents, cargo boxes, and bike racks are just a few of the add-ons we offer. And because we like to make your life easier, we offer grocery store runs, airport pickup, and pet inclusion too.

When you book with Rugged Van Rentals, you have three vans to choose from, Akela the Wolf, Bjorn the Bear, and Logan the Wolverine. They all have a 15-seat capacity, 4×4 conversion, rear back-up camera, HD dash camera, DVD system with Bluetooth connection, off-road tires, sidestep bars, brush guard, roof racks and ladders. With all that standard, you know we mean business. We ensure our vans are ready to take you wherever your adventures take you, up the mountain, down the valley, or anywhere between.

When you’re looking for van rentals located in Denver, look no further than Rugged Van Rentals. You’ll enjoy all the basic rental benefits with dozens of configurations of awesome add-ons to make your trip the best one possible. Our van rentals located in Denver are always ready for adventure when you are. Book Akela, Bjorn, or Logan today through our simple and quick booking page on our website. Be sure to check out our extensive add-ons and read our FAQ page too.