National Parks for your Bucket List

As quickly as winter came, summer will soon be upon us. With vacation time from work, the kids out of school, and the family in need of some quality time, your adventure is about to begin in a Rugged Van rental. Our passenger vans comfortably seat up to 15 riders and their gear so no matter where you’re headed, we’ve got plenty of room for your troop.

Arches National Park

Located less than 5.5 hours west of Denver is Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. Red rocks run rampant through the extensive park, which is home to more than 2,000 natural stone arches. Some of these arches are only 3 feet while others are 3,000 feet. If you’re up for a moderately difficult 3-mile hike, you can make it to the iconic Delicate Arch which is on the Utah license plate. These natural formations are a magnificent sight to behold, something the entire family can enjoy.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The closest national park to Denver is the Rocky Mountain National Park. We know that living close to the Rockies can give us a false sense of “yeah, I’ve seen that before”, but unless you’ve been there, you’re missing out. The Rocky Mountain National Park is a hiker’s paradise with over 350 miles of trails winding throughout the 415 square mile park. Here you can experience magnificent views, wildlife, wildflowers, and breathtaking peaks. Be sure to check out the hotel famed for the filming of “The Shining”, The Stanley Hotel, located just outside the park.

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde is a bit of a hike at just under 7 hours, but beholding the preservation of the Pueblo heritage is well worth the trip. This National Park protects about 5,000 archeological sites of the Ancestral Pueblo people and ensures the preservation of their stories. It is the largest archaeological preservation in the US and is home to the largest cliff dwelling in North America. The visitor center provides park orientation to help you experience to the fullest by being educated on what you’re about to discover. While the drive may be a lot to accomplish in a day, you’re encouraged to make a few stops along the way and explore.

Great Sand Dundes National Park

A short 4-hour trek from Denver lies the Great Sand Dunes, the tallest dunes in North America. Here you can experience all types of landscapes such as grasslands, forest, tundra, wetlands, and alpine lakes. Be sure to dress in layers as you’ll experience vastly different climates as you hike the various trails. Plan your trip around the weather and seasons as mid-day dune hikes in the summer can result in nearly 150 degrees sand temperatures. This particularly hot dune, High Dune on First Ridge, gives you a view of the entire dunefield and the best photography views during sunrise and sunset as the shadows form all throughout the park.

Pick your park and make your way in your Rugged Van rental. Your van has plenty of room for all sorts of fun and adventure you plan to experience such as hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, and so much more. Book your adventure today and get out there.

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