Take a Trip on the Colorado Beer Trail

Ah, the great, glorious trails of The United States. Breathtaking, beautiful, and full of beer. We’re talking about the Colorado Brew Trail, of course! Over 180 breweries and brewpubs await you as you travel throughout the state, sipping on some of the most delicious and unique beers in the country. What better way to travel than in your Rugged Van rental, the epitome of safety and style.

The Brew Trail

Feel free to follow the pre-planned brew trail or make your own to fit your preference and location. Keep in mind some breweries only offer tastings, some only offer tours, but plenty offer both! Be sure to eat on your stops as you want to be able to thoroughly enjoy all this trail has to offer. If you’re a Denver local, over half of the stops are within city limits, which means you may have visited a few of these locations before. But take a chance on the ones you haven’t and travel outside your comfort zone.

Who Can I Bring?

Invite 15 of your closest friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors to join you in your Rugged Van rental, just be sure they’re over 21 to fully enjoy this adventure. While beer isn’t good for pets, you are always encouraged to bring them along for the ride.

Why Rugged Van Rentals?

Let’s do some rough math: fifteen passengers in one Rugged Van or five passengers in three vehicles or eight passengers in two SUVs. For each vehicle, you’ll have a designated driver, gas, and maintenance costs. Plus, you’ll need to have a navigator in each vehicle, find parking, and you’ll miss out on being together during the ride. When you pool your resources and split one rental, one gas bill, and forgo maintenance costs, you all win.

How Far Can I Go?

Your Rugged Van rental is limited to the entire continental US and Canada, which means you can ride the Brew Trail from start to finish. The trail extends all through Colorado so it isn’t a straight line, which means you can take it a chunk at a time and enjoy it during a long weekend. In fact, our vans are equipped to handle 15 riders and their gear so if you plan to make the trail into a camping outing, we can accommodate you by adding cargo roof racks, a rooftop tent, or other racks for your gear.

Travel safely and in style with Rugged Van Rentals as you explore and discover all the Brew Trail has to offer. We can have your rental ready for you at your first brewery or any other Denver location. Book your rental today and be sure to check out all our add-on options to make your trail trip a success. As always, please drink responsibly and remember to have a designated driver at all times.

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