Where to Take Your Rugged Van Rental

We may be a bit biased, but we believe Colorado offers the best adventure destinations out there. If you’re local, you may have forgotten how lucky we are to have access to some of the greatest mountains, trails, and camping in the county. But for those out of state or out of touch, we want to highlight just a few locations we think are out of this world. Our goal is to inspire you to get back to your roots and take your next adventure with Rugged Van Rentals.

Best Hiking

Colorado offers thousands of miles of amazing hiking trails so it’s pretty impossible to narrow it down to a few. We’d be happy to offer you more suggestions when you book but we’ll just touch on one here. Chautauqua/Mesa trail is located just 30 miles northwest of Denver in Boulder, an outdoor hotspot for all sorts of exploring. There are varying lengths of trails to hike, but the Mesa trail a perfect one-way, 7-mile hike through classic Boulder scenery.

Best Camping

Man, it’s hard to choose just one place to highlight but if we had to choose, we pick Guanella Pass. This scenic byway is the perfect way to experience it all: views, camping, fishing, and hiking. Each campsite has a table and fire grate, so you’ll be set to make a feast for the family. With historic Georgetown a few minutes away, Guanella Pass is a great place for a weekend getaway for the gang.

Best Skiing

Telluride is one of the best ski destinations in the country. Its magnificent views for both newbies and experts are jaw-dropping. With a great Wild West history, this resort is fun and educational for the whole family. It has over 2,000 acres of ski terrine and 148 trails. Although it’s not as close as some other ski resorts near Denver, it’s well worth the trip. Take your Rugged Van to Telluride and make a few stops along the way to explore hiking, fishing, and more.

Best Fishing

Cherry Creek Reservoir in Aurora is ripe for the picking. If you’re looking for a fishing hole with Walleye, Crappie, Perch and more, this is the spot for you. Located less than 20 miles from Denver in the Cherry Creek state park, you’re bound to find a little peace and quiet on this lake. Although it is one of the more well-known spots, it’s worth sharing this place to land some great catches.

We’re ready when you are to take on all Colorado has to offer in your Rugged Van Rental. Our vans can seat up to 15 riders as well as a boatload of gear. Bring the kids, we got car seats, and bring the pup, who could forget man’s best friend? We also offer dozens of roof rack configuration add-ons to help make your adventure easier. From kayak racks to cargo boxes and much more in between, we’ve got you covered. Book your adventure today and be sure to invite your buddies.

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